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Service System
Trading Process
Kabel furniture provides comprehensive and fast service with high quality. We promise: customer satisfaction is our goal.
1. If there is a problem with product quality, please send the photograph us ASAP. We will solve it in the first time with our satisfying customer service.
2. Two-year quality guarantee for all parts of the chair.
3. For all product quality complaints, you will get replied within 1 hours.
4. To ensure there are enough components available, we will prepare 0.5% Chair Accessories in each container.
5. According to the request of our customers, we provide technical support and guidance.
6. Product will be delivered within one week. Our after-sales service department will track the delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.
Production Process

Punching board

Sponge cutting

Adhesive spraying

Gun nail

Gun nail


Adhesive spraying


Punching board

Sponge cutting
Quality Control Process
Before Production:
Incoming inspection(handrail, wheel, air rod, plank, plastic, tray, carton), sampling 30%.
In The Production Of:
Semi-finished inspection: 100% inspection.
After Production:
Pressure back test, fatigue test, static pressure test.
Designing Solution Service
Kabel Furniture promises:
No step will be implemented without the comfirmation from customers.
Our customers have two options:

1.Customers pay and own the mould. All the expenses will be given to the customer after the first draft and any additional fees will be excluded. 

Kabel Furniture promises: we won’t sell the mould to other customers without agreement.

2.Both Kabel Furniture and customer bear the expense of mould and own the mould. 

Kabel Furniture promises: we won’t sell the mould to the competitors, even they are also our customers, or sell the mould to the countries excluded by customers. 
Customized Process
Kabel's Customized Service for VIP Customers:
  • 01
     Direct service from regional managers with rich experience and great problem-solving ability.
  • 02
     Privilege on new products. Kabel has at least 4-5 new products every year. Customers have the priority to become the agent, and we have a special business team who helps the customers to promote the products.
  • 03
    Professional after-sale service team are responsible for the problem of the chair and response within 2 hours to ensure that the customer will not suffer any loss due to quality problems.
  • 04
    Annual preferential policy. Kabel provides rebates and discounts according to customers' annual purchase volume to ensure that customers' profits are growing every year.
  • 05
    As long as you are Kabel's VIP customer, the chair is guaranteed for many years.




 Tel: +86-0572-5888051
 International Trade: +86-15167213100
 Domestic Trade:    +86-15167213105
 Address: Lingfeng East road, Anji county,                     Zhejiang province, China


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