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  • Q Does your factory have any exhibition hall?

    A We have independent brand exhibition hall in Wuhan.
  • Q Do you have any agents in the local area?

    A We now have branch offices.
  • Q What is the monthly and annual production capacity of your company?

    A Monthly production capacity: 40 thousand chairs.
    Annual production capacity: 500 thousand chairs.
    However, according to our company's current supporting equipment, we can accept more orders.
  • Q How do you ensure the quality of your products

    A In addition to air rod, net cloth and sponge, our company produces all the products after building the mold by ourselves. We have our own injection molding factory and hardware factory. We've obtain patents for the majority of our products.
  • Q Why do I need to pay in full?

    A This is the rule of our company. We have been dealing in full payment all the time, which shows that our factory if large-scale and productive.
  • Q Will your company change the raw material supplier frequently?

    A We won't because we attach great importance to the quality of our products.
  • Q Do your company insure the products?

    A At present, no. Because different cuntomers from different regions have different requirments in terms of the insurement.
  • Q Do you provide D/P services?

    A We provide D/P services for our VIP and long-term customers.
  • Q How do the customers pay the commission

    A We need to deduct the tax point(10%) when paying the customer's commission.
  • Q Can you build the mold according to the customer's requirements?

    A Yes, we have a special department to build the mold according to the requirements of the customer.And building modes needs extra charge.
  • Q What's the main market of your company?

    Mainly North America (USA, Canada), South America (Chile, Peru, Mexico), Europe (Britain, France, Italy, Germany).
    They account for 26%, 30% and 24% respectively.
  • Q Do your company cooperate with magnates?

    A Yes, we cooperate with big company such as OFFICE DEPOT, OFFICE STAR,OFFICE MAX.
  • Q What's the total annual sales of your company?

    A About 15 million dollars.
  • Q What is the proportion of domestic and foreign sales of your company?

    A Domestic sales account for about 20% and foreign trade accounts for about 80%.
  • Q Will the sample fee be refunded after placing an order?

    A The sample fee will be deducted from the balance after the initial order.
  • Q What are your requirements for an agent?

    A According to different countries and styles, you can submit the application form of agency to the department manager, and the manager will submit it to the general manager. You can become an agent after getting approval.
  • Q Does your factory have its own testing equipments?

    A Yes, we have. You can get the picture of our testing equipments on the website.
  • Q How many areas do your company cover?

    A Our factory covers an area of about 43,000 square meters.
  • Q How many workers do your company employ?

    A There're approximately 300 workers in our company. All of our products are designed by ourselves and we've got patents for them. We entrust our brother enterprise to do the supporting processing for us, so there's no need to worry about our supply ability.
  • Q What certifications does your company have?/ What certification do your products have?

    A We've obtained the certificates of ISO9001 and ISO:14001:2004



 Tel: +86-0572-5888051
 Phone: + 86- 15167213100
 Address: East lingfeng road, Anji county,                     Zhejiang province, China


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